Arlington Young Democrats 2017 Policy Platform

 Mission Statement
The Arlington Young Democrats are a group of progressive and liberal individuals who provide an inclusive, growing, and empowering forum for all community members. We believe in: living our Democratic values, electing leaders who embody these values, elevating the voices of young people within the party at the local, state, and federal level, responding to the needs of the people, and furthering outreach and education while developing our future generation of leaders.

Justice and Immigration

  • As a nation of immigrants, we believe that comprehensive immigration reform must include an efficient pathway to citizenship and humane border security.
  • We believe that the criminal justice system should be rehabilitative, restorative, and nondiscriminatory and that law enforcement should be transparent and community based.
  • We believe in commonsense gun safety which places reasonable limits on gun ownership in order to protect all human life.
Gender Equality and Civil Rights
  • We believe that reproductive health and sexual health should be the rights of each individual to choose.
  • We believe that employment rights, civilian and military, should not be infringed upon just based on one’s orientation, gender, and other protected categories.
  • We will strive to ensure that equal voting rights will be restored to those prisoners who are successfully reintegrated into society for non-felony crimes.
  • We will strive to ensure that parental leave will be equal among all citizens, including, but not limited to, mothers of newborn children and fathers adopting children.
Housing, Rural and Urban Planning and Development
  • We believe that all Arlingtonians should have access to affordable housing.
  • We support development that encourages growth of the entire region.
  • We support sustainable development.
  • We encourage the use of business incentives.
Business, Transportation, and Finance
  • We support modernizing small business-friendly regulations to encourage investment.
  • We believe a sustainable, dedicated funding source for WMATA is necessary for future viability of regional public transit.
  • We strive to Improve equitable access to transportation, including prioritizing historically underserved communities in Arlington and increasing public transportation options outside of typical operating hours.
  • We encourage investments in workforce development and education.
  • We support progressive income and consumption tax policiesand structures for both individuals and entities.
Environment, Science, and Technology
  • We believe in building a creative economy through mechanisms such as patent reform and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.
  • We recognize the intrinsic value of the natural world.
  • We support sustained investment in STEM and environmental education at all levels from early education to ivory tower research.
  • We believe in maximizing the value of data while maintaining consumer protections.
  • We strive to ensure a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment through policies based on sound science.
Health, Education, and Labor
  • We believe all individuals should have access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare.
  • We believe high schools should promote civics education and engagement.
  • We support defining a living wage standard.
  • We support outreach and promotion of financial literacy and financial education for all individuals.
  • We will advocate for equitable and high quality public education for all students.
Democratic Party Organization and Operations and Campaign Finance
  • We believe in solidarity-based politics that support organized labor and workers’ rights and engage voters from across working class communities.
  • We expect our elected officials to support progressive causes and will hold them accountable if they fail to do so.
  • We support a grassroots, bottom-up approach within the Democratic Party that facilitates opportunities for young people to grow and become leaders within the Party.
  • We support all efforts to expand the franchise, for the establishment of an independent council to draw fair electoral districts, and for legal remedies in the event of voter suppression and/or gerrymandering.
  • We support comprehensive campaign finance reform that removes corporate money from the electoral process.